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I had the agonizing and amazing opportunity to redo my website with someone who I think is very talented.  In the process, I had to answer questions I had never considered before.  What is my specialty?  My areas of expertise?  My ideal client?  What kind of therapy do I do?

You can imagine his frustration with my answers:  “I do everything.  I see everyone.  I use all sorts of therapies”.  Certainly not the kind of answers that make defining me as a therapist easy.

I started thinking about why I love my job.  Because, I truly do love my job.  And one of my replies to these questions will always be “I am the kind of therapist YOU need me to be during our particular session”.

I love figuring people out and those Ah-ha moments when clarity shines in their eyes.  Sometimes it is hope first.  To be honest, sometimes it is a lot of tears, despair, panic, hopelessness, and resistance.  But then hope.  And clarity.  And growth.  And a new way of really liking themselves.

I continue to believe I am privileged to be trusted by my clients.  And whether you are seven years old who just wants to feel the joys of friendship, or twelve years old and you want to navigate the path of adolescence with the least amount of roadblocks, or you are in high school, and let’s be honest, what high schooler isn’t holding too much in their heads and hearts, or your early 20s figuring out right-now and deciding what your “next” means for you, or you are an adult wanting to get more- out of your relationship, your career, yourself-I am privileged to help.  I can’t think of any diagnoses that have ever left me unable to do that, and I refuse to ever stop working to be anything but what you need from me.

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