Connecting Over Career Choices

Do you want to take a free Premium Career Test?  Read on to see if this is helpful for you.

I often see clients who say they are stuck.  They don’t know what they want “to do”.

Whether a college student deciding which major to choose/change, or a young adult who “needs a job” or an adult looking for fulfillment through a career, I really enjoy the process of discovering the right path.

Several years ago, I searched and searched for a good career test.  I looked at several, and formed a relationship with the creators of Career Fitter.  They sent me an email that I have since forwarded to clients, stating:

  • Our assessment is the only work personality assessment I am aware of.  It is designed to analyze a person’s “work” personality. 
  • CareerFitter aligns a persons work personality to other peoples currently in specific careers using comparative analysis and propitiatory algorithms.  As a bonus – CareerFitter links careers to specific career details and videos.
  • CareerFitter is used world wide by career coaches, human resource departments, universities, governments and more.  The assessment was designed by organizational psychologists.  CareerFitter exclusively owns the online rights to the assessment.  We have been the number one online career assessment since 1998. 
  • Like any test or assessment the accuracy is dependent on the users ability to answer honestly about who they are.  CareerFitter focuses specifically on who they are in a work environment.

I want to be clear that I am not receiving compensation for this post, or for what I am about to offer.

Career Fitter is offering you, my clients, a free premium test, with a full report, if I post this information.  The only caveat is that I will see your results (which helps us in our work).

So… you can read more at, and even take the basic free test there.  But if you email me, at I have 25 access codes that I will send you so you can take the premium test and get your full report.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Let’s figure out your next steps!

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