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What Will You Do?
We entered a new season, and for many reasons, it may be challenging. I have been compiling a list of “Connection Tips” which are really how to enjoy the colder months, how to take care of yourself, how to stay busy and most importantly, how to stay connected.
In the coming weeks, I will be posting a new blog which includes this list and several other resources, but I did not want you to have to wait to have it. (Don’t forget to subscribe to my website if you have not already so you get it when it comes out!)ALSO this gives you time to let me know what I forgot and should add! I have learned over the years that nobody teaches me more than you!
SO…Here you go!
2020 Connection Tips(consolidated from multiple sources by Lynn Zakeri, LCSW)

Less than a minute:
Calling out Good Morning to neighbors from your front porch in the morning
Pay for the person behind you in the coffee line
Tell your family members why you enjoyed them today
Text a friend that you are rushing around but wanted to send a quick message telling them you care
Give a compliment while in line at the store “I love your hair color/blouse/etc”
Repeat after me: The future holds good things
You have a choice each day: Evolve or Repeat (you can stay the same or you can work on self-growth)
For established relationships:
Send treats to friends
Write letters to friends. Mail them
Netflix Party
Google Meets Zooms with Friends, Family and Colleagues
Drop off flowers/scented candle/etc to a friend at their door
Drop off a funny nonsense gift to a friend to make them smile
Maintain communications! Make an effort to check in with people who make you feel good.
For building relationships:
Share something with honesty. Even if it is not a close relationship, try answering questions with some grain of honesty.
Bring treats/fruit/baked goods/a plant to a neighbor you don’t know well
After a positive interaction, suggest doing it again sometime soon, and then pin down when
For self care:
Group exercise class where you feel connected to the instructor and others who join your ride
Go Outside, even when it is cold or raining
Buy Walking Chicago (book by Robert Loerzel) and then do it
Keep a space at home CLEAN as a sanctuary/retreat for yourself
Make a date with yourself to take a bath
Think of exercise as your me-time reward for finishing work
Stop at your favorite place for take-out
Meditate (Insight Timer and Headspace are apps that many like)
When today is a bust, forgive yourself quickly, and plan ahead for tomorrow
Eight hours of relaxing nature sounds:
Redesign some private space back for your own haven or just rethink an area under a window with a bench seat and make a nice reading nook
COVID Coach App
Get Crafty:
Read, Word Search
Wooden models, ships in a bottle
Home Improvement Project
Use YouTube to apply makeup in a new way
Paint, Paint-By-Numbers
Calligraphy (learn it or better your craft)
Decorate for the holidays
Garden, or plant indoors from seed and garden in the Spring
Plant Spring Bulbs now
Paint your garage and Epoxy the floor to extend your backyard social hours into the garage when it is inclement weather
Paint a room, shiplap a wall, rethink your landscaping, install a brick border
For Media-ing Socially:
Jack Box Games, Words With Friends, Animal Crossing, Mah Jong, Canasta, Bridge
Bumble BFF
To Assist:
Volunteer Petting Animals
Mentor a child, adult or elderly person, locally or abroad
Order take-out from local places or BOBs
Shop for others
When shopping, bring someone’s cart back to the store for them
Mow/shovel your neighbor’s yard
Clean up your neighborhood/park/walking trail
Drop off food at the food pantry
Purge a cabinet, closet, or drawer of unused items; donate acceptable articles to Goodwill
Be a Donation Manager: Pick a local food pantry, organize a book drive/meal drop for firehouse etc
With Current Friends or Potential New Ones:
Virtual Book Club
Virtual Cooking/Baking
Meet Ups at food pantrys, pet shelters, for a cause, for exercise, for fun
Air BnB Online Experiences
Bake or Cook a meal via video with friends or a class
Quarantine Meals Facebook Page
Cook from a certain region or with certain ingredients, create mini-challenges for yourself
Join a pastry baking event with a chef in a different country
To expand:
Verbal Planet or Duolingo to learn a new language
A Virtual Imrov Class
Learn an instrument
Learn how to do a Handstand or Pull-Up
Get an online certification in anything
While cooking or cleaning, listen to a podcast or audio book on a topic of interest
Podcasts in the car instead of music
Pets – pet meet up via dog walking group. Dog training group. Obtain a certificate ie canine good citizen or therapy dog training
Chess Class
To Avoid Burnout
Plan ahead for your known vices
Check your screen time and challenge yourself to decrease it
Standing Desks, Stretching, Water to help with sleepiness
Turn off notifications on your phone
Plan your feel good breaks
Work on this schedule: 25 (on) 5 (off) and 15 (off every 2 hours)
OR 52 (on) and 17 (off)
Get a cat or dog or other animal (and then…pet meet up via dog walking group. Dog training group. Obtain a certificate ie canine good citizen or therapy dog training t
Watch movies from certain time periods or with a certain actor/actress
Snow shoe, build a fort, Cross Country Ski
Match with someone:
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