Introducing Ellen!


Introducing Ellen!

Ellen Lazar, LCSW, CADC, began seeing clients with Lynn Zakeri Clinical Services, PLLC in 2021. I knew when talking to her the first time that she was an excellent listener, a thoughtful responder, and a smart advocate.

Ellen creates a dialogue of support to quickly build rapport; she views counseling as a conversation to help clients identify and define what they value in life. Ellen is a compassionate listener, and she then applies her holistic approach that examines the client’s lifestyle, relational patterns, environment, and trauma history. She helps her clients uncover core beliefs that prohibit their current contentment. Together, they plan change that fits the client’s narrative.  When appropriate, she will also implement executive functioning techniques that empower the client. This gives them a skill set they can apply to challenges throughout their lives.  Her approach gives each client tools to build a stronger foundation for lasting peace of mind.

Ellen has experience working with both Spanish and English clients in private practice with adults, teens and families; in hospital settings, out patient treatment, and substance abuse treatment. She collaborates with special service teams in school systems to build a network of support for clients attending school.

Ellen is my go-to when I have questions or when I need a compassionate ear. She knows what to say, and she helps me take a step forward.

If you want to inquire about her openings and schedule with Ellen, I will introduce you right away, simply send me an email at

Thank you as always, for your trust in me.

Lynn Zakeri LCSW Clinical Services, PLLC

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I got so lucky. I found some really special people that I now get to call my associates (independent contractors). If you want to learn more about EllenJennifer, or Erin you can simply click their name or find them in my blog posts with announcements about their style and experience. If you want to inquire about their openings and schedule with them, I will introduce you right away, simply send me an email at

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