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PRESS RELEASE:  Skokie Social Worker (Lynn Zakeri) Recognized as Social Worker of the Year

The appreciation I had to even be considered for this award had me… astonished, and then to be selected as the recipient has me… GOBSMACKED

A big THANK YOU to all my clients for providing me the opportunity to work with you.  I would not have been honored with this award without YOU.  My level of awe and gratitude to be considered for this award is impossible to express.  I am still trying to wrap my head around it.  What I am able to wrap my head around is this:

There Is No “I” in “Team”!

Twenty-five years ago, I made the decision to attend Jane Addams College of Social Work for my MSW and to become an LCSW. Now, all these years later, I am so honored to be awarded the title: Social Worker of the Year for 2022, by the National Association of Social Workers – Illinois Chapter. Looking back over these years, I am both humbled and flabbergasted to see this day. I am so appreciative of what I have learned.  I think of my mentors (Karen Bradley, Frances Cook, Sally Goren, Bryn Jessup,  Denise Pilz, Rachel Resnick,  Beth Schiff, Barb Schiltz, to name some of the early oh-so-impactful-and-wise few) who seemed to know what I was capable of before I did; I think of my Associates who have joined my practice and embody the same passion and commitment to our clients; and most importantly, I think of what I continue to learn from my clients as the most valuable experience I get to have on a daily basis.

The International Federation of Social Workers put it like this: “Principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibilities and respect for diversities are central to our work….[S]ocial work engages people and structures to address life challenges and enhance wellbeing.”  Susan Adler, who nominated me, who is a previous winner, who believed I am worthy of the honor, wrote “Lynn’s refusal to accept a dead-end, her perseverance on behalf of worthy and dignified clients, her passion for progress, her joy in solutions, and her relationships, professionally and personally, make it clear: Lynn Zakeri does not simply practice social work; Lynn Zakeri truly is a social worker.”  I stand by this, and gratefully thank her for this opportunity.  Reading the letters written in support of my nomination was perhaps one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had.

Thank you to NASW-Illinois, to my most supportive family (both personal and professional), and to all those who helped shape me and my career.

OUR TEAM: LYNN ZAKERI & Associates, LCSW Clinical Services, PLLC.

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