Connecting in 2024

What’s your word this year? I chose TRUST because I am working on my own commitment to be in the present and trust what happens.  In a way, I have to think less.   Both Yahoo and thought this was a good idea and used my idea here.

I have been committed to (my discovery in  2021) of a less than 30-second practice each morning.  At that time, the nightly routine of setting alarms for the next morning had diminished.   That left people with more leeway to decide whether to wake up “now” or “later”…and then, the more difficult thoughts of “why” to wake up at all.  This article helps me get out of bed and take care of myself without any thinking at all, just doing.  Remember, it is simple:  Reach down and touch your toes. Slowly stand back up and rotate at the hips, left and right.  Then finish with lifting your hands over your head, reaching for the ceiling for a couple of seconds, then lean right with your arms still stretched out, and then left. Then you’re off to begin your day refreshed.

With this being said, always check in with yourself.  If there is a reason you don’t want to get up, let’s talk about that.  The downside of burying your feelings can lead not only dark thoughts and sadness, but even to resentment/bitterness.

What else does trust mean? Trust the process.  Trust that everything works out the way it is supposed to.  For some of you, it brings to mind trusted people, and that might even be family.   Definitely there are those of you that are rolling your eyes at the word after having just barely survived the holidays with family.  Families.  They can be, as some of you say, everything.  And while not the happiest topic,  families can also be confusing and mean. This article was written last month.  It reminds me of what I have said to many of you:   that you are perhaps the mentally healthiest in your own family.  And while knowing this may lead to resentment or disappointment, I would argue that even allowing some anger to drive you, to be your catalyst towards peace, can be quite helpful (and this writer agrees).  Some of you know my saying by heart:  You can admire the problem or you can solve the problem.

Speaking of complicated families, what if that family is your own, in your own home right now?  Anyone sick of my videos yet about couples?  My son and I have tried to cut them short to give the necessary messages, but there were so many important tidbits to share.  If you have not seen any of them you can find them here and here.

I remember in college when I first heard the staggering divorce stats.  What does this practice of disposal of marriages (divorces) say to our kids about sustaining adult relationships?  Are you and your partner modeling a willingness to talk about hard things and come to a mutual understanding or generating ongoing tension, the silent treatment… or bitterness and resentment?  As you reflect on your parents’ relationships, are you considering how your current dyad affects your children?  No matter what they show outwardly, kids’ lives are destabilized by contentious parents and divorce. Knowing you have tried everything to make a marriage work goes a long way.  It is also important to acknowledge that children are sometimes relieved to be living in a harmonious household instead of wondering why their parents didn’t divorce before.

So let’s get going in this  new year.  Remember my (made up) hierarchy- get your sleep, followed by good nutrition, followed by some physical exercise, all while staying present in your relationships.   I also think I need to update this with a screen time caveat (Anyone else notice that sleep quality is affected by their screen time?). This article gives even more ideas.

I made some business decisions a few years ago.  I made some more this year.  I keep on trusting the path I am on, and it helps immensely to be on it with you. I am so grateful that you have stuck with me, with us, through the changes.  David and Ellen and I are humbled and fueled by your hard work and courage and strength and love… and most importantly, your trust in us.  I could not be more grateful to you. The year has been tough and it has been important and it has been reflective. I wish for you a 2024 year of peace, health, clarity, love and growth.